The Best Kettlebell for Home Fitness COVID-19 STOCK SHORTAGES

Covid-19 continues to impact various industries and their supply chains. One of the latest industries experiencing drastic shortages in supplies is the gym and exercise equipment manufacturing market. With a stay at home orders being implemented and certain states closing gyms indefinitely, people are starting to wonder where and how they will work out. Because [...]

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Gym closures result in dumbbell and kettlebell shortages

As events have unfolded over the past few weeks across the world, it is clear that we are all facing an unprecedented challenge in combating COVID-19. A shortage of exercise equipment, like dumbbells and kettlebells, has resulted from more and more people across the world turning to home workouts "There's no dumbbells. Like weights are [...]

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Boxed Out? CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman’s George Floyd Tweet Sparks Outrage

On Saturday, CrossFit Founder and CEO Greg Glassman ignited a fury by posting an insensitive Tweet that referenced George Floyd. As a result, the organization that made CrossFit a major fitness phenomenon and runs the CrossFit Games, appears to have lost a major sponsor. Even more than that, Glassman’s actions may have hurt the organization’s [...]

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COVID-19: Five exercises you can do at home that require no equipment

With non-essential businesses closed and stay-at-home orders in effect due to COVID-19, gym workouts are impossible. Other exercise facilities, such as playing fields and public workout equipment at city parks, are also off limits. Should you just give up on staying active until life gets back to normal? Absolutely not! Now that working out at [...]

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‘Dumbbells are now the new toilet paper’: COVID-19 leads to demand for fitness equipment

As many industries struggle to weather the economic impact of COVID-19, the business of home fitness is booming. Just like toilet paper, workout equipment is hard to find. Even with gyms closed, working to stay in shape is becoming more of the popular thing to do. The fitness industry is one industry that’s not hurting so [...]

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Change Plate and Fractional Plate Review

Change plates and fractional plates offer tremendous flexibility for all lifters at various strength levels by allowing for micro incremental growth. Compatible with our full range of olympic barbells and bumper plates, our precision paint change plates and rubber fractional plates are designed to help you improve performance and get results.  They are used for [...]

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Why Are People Wearing This Terrifying Mask to the Gym?

Professional athletes often wear training face masks during workouts. Also known as altitude and elevation masks, these products are said to give your exercise regimen a boost. If you’ve seen someone wearing a training mask, you probably wondered what it is — and why anyone would wear it. These masks, which cover your mouth and [...]

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Exercise equipment you can buy for home workouts as coronavirus quarantine continues

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the world, most people are following official guidance by social distancing, working remotely, and staying at home.With gyms and fitness studios closed, we're all turning to home workouts in a bid to maintain our strength, stamina, and sanity. There's only so much you can do with your bodyweight alone, so [...]

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