8 mistakes to avoid in a gym

Everyone starts fitness, bodybuilding or any sports practice with a certain level of departure. As training and experience progress, we learn, we surpass ourselves and we transform our body according to our objectives. We all make mistakes during this learning phase: in this article we will together see 8 mistakes to avoid when you go [...]

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5 good reasons for women to lift weights

For most people, remembering weights remains a male activity par excellence. If mentalities tend to change, there are still barriers that dissuade women from getting into physical resistance exercises, especially with heavy loads. Still, lifting weights has many benefits, and in this article we are going to explore 5 good reasons for women to start [...]

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5 Kettlebell Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Training with kettlebells is a crazy-easy way to increase strength and power—as long as you're using them right. Check out the most common mistakes trainers spot all the time, then clean up your kettlebell act to up your calorie burn and reduce your risk of injury. 1. Holding Your Breath According to the coaches, women [...]

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