Massage balls are also great for giving yourself a foot massage by stepping on the ball and rolling your foot around on it,The simple ‘lacrosse ball as a massage ball’,

The benefit of using something like a golf ball would be the size difference, getting into the actual massage ball products now, the biggest variations you will see are:

  • Size: The size of the ball affects which muscles you can effectively massage
  • Density: The density will depend on the muscle, and on your personal tolerance and experience with self massage
  • Texture: Do you want a flat ball, or a textured ball for your massage. Some will have small bumps, and others will go as far as being covered with spikes!
  • Lacrosse balls are arguably the best overall ball that you can use on almost every body part
  • Start with a lacrosse ball, and size up and down with additional balls once you gain more experience or find specific areas you can’t massage effectively
  • Avoid rolling over bones and ligaments