Rizhao Fitmus Sporting Goods Co. ,Ltd is the manufacturer of high quality Crossfit Gym fitness equipment and Functional training accessories. We devoted ourselves to designing and manufacturing sporting goods with company’s sole concept of “ Full Effort is Full victory.” aspires to satisfy the need of customers who are looking for a reliable supplier and that gives them security to buy quality products.

Fitmus aims to achieve the highest standards in quality, value and performance through attention to details in design and manufacturing. We also spend much time and efforts on developing new products to keep up with the leisure trend, It is also our aim to maintain a close cooperation relationship and to offer the latest products combined with excellent service and a guarantee of competitive prices..

With good experienced in fitness industry, Fitmus has offered one of the widest arrays of products in the industry including multi-station gyms, free weight machines, a complete line of products, weight plates, kettlebells, dumbbells, and fitness accessories which are widely use at Crossfit affiliates, Garage gyms, PT studios, Bootcamps , Personal trainers, Cross fit Boxes, Fitness training center, Martial arts, Rehabilitation Center, Healthy clubs, commercial gyms, schools,Kickboxing, Martial arts facilities, Judo, Karate and more

We proudly announce the Grand Opening of the new 5,000 square foot production facility at Wulian Industrial Zone, Rizhao, Shandong Province, China. With the completion of the new factory, we expect to increase our production capacity by a factor of twice to three.

With excellent customer service, excellent product knowledge, reasonable prices and great business-to-business support we are to be the client trusted supplier in China.

Setting us apart from other fitness equipment supplier is that Fitmus is focus on its.

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Performing Strictly Quality Control

We have a quality controller for checking the cargo’s quantity and quality for each order, also each order will have a clear packing report and quality report record for mark, we can follow and continue when do second order. Stable quality from batch to batch.

Good opportunity cross fit

 China has been developing stamping, Forging, casting and plastic injection Since 1961, etc. Take advantage of these industries, FITMUS supply very good cross fit products. Crossfit is being a popular activity in US, Europe, Australia since2008, Etc, our company like to dedicate to develop cross fit products and cross fit industry.

 Casting Foundry

Our casting foundry have Strict quality control and use the Gravity Cast for high quality Casting Blank. Such as Kettle bell, It has the good feature of a void free surface, single piece casting, a seam free handle and a textured finish, also with a machined  flat  base.

Strong market Sense

We are always concerning our client’s need and meet their requirement. We launched our competition kettlebell with Exclusive Inner Core Technology(ICT) in 2015.(Exclusive Inner Core Technology™ (ICT™) means NO fillers or welded bases.
It is the most revolutionary kettlebell design on the market with the good feature of Balance.