Body Conditioning Battle Ropes began as a mainstay tool in MMA, and then CrossFit. It is now used by the majority of athletes who train for power and explosiveness. The battling rope is universal because it has an ability to build core strength and improve core-to-extremity strength that helps you to hit your next workout, or opponent, hard.

Power rope training is brutal in its hit to an athlete’s conditioning and is an excellent developer of grip strength.

Battling Rope Anchor Set up a fixed anchor point for battle rope training on any wall with this bracket kit. Handles the intense stress of heavy battle rope training. Can also be used to secure exercise bands and other rope training systems.this anchor provides a safe and secure point for Battling Rope (or for resistance bands and tubes) to be looped through.

Screws/Fixings Included.Solid metal wall anchor for the Battling rope and also useful for other implements that need a solid connection point on the wall. Simply pass your battling rope through the loop and you are ready to go, this item can also be used in association with other products like the running harness or power band/ speed power loop exercises and drills.

Comes with 4 plugs and fixing screws and suitable for fixing to all types of Concrete, Brick or timber walls/structures.