Project Description


Commercial Treadmill is a professional treadmill that allows you to enjoy simple and effective workouts thanks to the new user interface with new hand sensors. The long deck, sturdy frame and powerful motor enable superior performance.

it offers plenty of positive benefits.

Less Wear and Tear
Running or walking on a treadmill can lower risk of injury. For one thing, it causes less stress to your joints than running on a hard surface such as asphalt or concrete. It also helps you avoid twisting an ankle or other injuries from running on uneven surfaces. And if you’re running at night, treadmills save you from having to run in the dark.

Motivation and Convenience
Treadmills enable you to control the level of difficulty by increasing or decreasing the simulated incline, and of course, your speed, allowing you to push your limits in a controlled environment. In addition, most machines have LED read-outs that allow you to monitor your not only your speed and distance, but also your heart rate along with a reasonable approximation of the calories you’re burning. This factor keeps many people motivated by providing concrete numbers by which to measure their progress.

As Good as Outdoor Running
You may wonder if you’re sacrificing any of your edge by running on a treadmill instead of outdoors. The answer: apparently not. According to the Journal of Sports Science, running on a treadmill at a 1 percent grade requires the same energy expenditure as running outdoors.

Treadmill vs Outdoor Walking

Treadmill is one of the easiest fitness equipment to use as there are no troubles like walking uphill or not getting a flat surface .They are easy to manage and also track your progress and give you digital monitoring like distance, time, calories burnt, heart rate etc. For some people getting out of their home and doing outdoor exercising can be very challenging due certain factors like their hectic schedules weather changes, some personal commitments and for them treadmill is the ultimate solution for being consistent with their exercise and fitness routine. Also one can do multiple activities while running on treadmill like watching TV and supervising kids which is impossible in outdoor exercise.

Brief Description

Display: 18.5 in LED press type screen
Mitsubishi Inverter
Free-maintenance running belt & self-lubrication running belt optional
Rated voltage: 220V AC
Motor: 3.0HP AC
Max power: 6.0HP
Speed range: 1-20km/h
Incline range:0%-20%
Voltage: 220 Volt
Incline: 20 Levels Power Incline
Running Surface: 520mm×1650mm
Running board: T25X1620X680mm
Runining belt: T3.2X545X3775mm
Roller:C 88X575
Max user weight:170kg
Net weight:220KG