No more fighting for the main gym timer. The new portable WOD timer gives you everything you need to get a great workout of the day in. The ultimate portable WOD gym timer feature is below:

【Stylish Rugged Design】The portable WOD  timer is encased in non-slip, rubber skin that will not come off or crack over time, to maximize durability. Which has a consolidated circuit board that is fixed directly to the housing, strengthened further by inner ribs.
【Large Anti-Glare Screen】Each digit is illuminated by large, seven-segment LEDs and an anti-glare lens, to maximum visibility.
【Built-in Magnetic Spine】Gym wall clock has powerful magnets which have been fitted into the housing so can be securely attached to any metallic (steel) surfaces, making them clearly visible during workouts.
【Powerful 6 Modes】Including (UP) Count Up Timer, (UP rd) Count Up Timer by round (eg. EMOM), (dn) Count Down Timer, (nt) Custom Timer for Interval Training (eg. Tabata), (cL) Clock Display, (beep) Buzzer Switch.
【Master Your Time】Suitable for pocket design. You no longer need to rely on your phone, and you don’t have to worry about personal notifications, and you don’t have to keep looking at your watch-now, all your energy is in your fitness.

ADDITIONAL: Meant for use in any home or garage gym.

A timer should be durable, easy to use, and highly visible and go with you everywhere. The Portable WOD Timer is the last WOD timer you will need for your next Crossfit gym session.