Project Description


You’ve fully committed to your garage gym when you are ready to get an Olympic Weightlifting Platform.they are getting the same type of exercise or training routine from laying down some carpet or, even worse, lifting off cement. here you wont worry about it you will have Olympic Weightlifting Platform.

But the truth of the matter is that having something to lift off of, whether it’s an Olympic weightlifting platform or simply some padding on the floor, the added support will not only allow you to drop weight without the risk of potentially breaking or chipping your equipment, but it also adds support to the knees and feet of an athlete.

Now, keep in mind that lifting platforms can be a bit pricey. if not more, on something that you don’t even get to lift or throw around. it’s all part of the equation and it’ll be worth it in the long run

Brief Description

Olympic Lifting Platform with band pegs 2420mmX1970mm (L*W) Olympic lifting platform with band peg attachments Platform thickness is 30mm.Total weight is 132kg. Platform is built from a steel frame with band peg attachments, hardwood bamboo panel, and rubber tiles.