Project Description


If foam rollers or massage sticks aren’t enough for your muscles, check out percussion massagers—they not only get those deep knots with a variety of vibrations and rapid movements, but they can also give you a professional-feeling massage right from home.

Using a handheld massage gun, also known as a percussion massage gun or percussion massager, can have multiple benefits for your body, especially if you constantly have tension in your neck and back. For people with lower back issues, massage guns can be a lifesaver.

For those who work out on a regular basis, the massage gun is a necessity for pre-workout warmup and post-workout recovery. If you are sitting down every day and working in an office chair, you likely will have some kind of back issues that need to be worked out.

With a powerful massage gun, you can do just that in the comfort of your own home.

Brief Description

Handheld percussion massagers Detais as below
1. Massage Head: 6 types
2. Product Net Weight: 1.5KG
3. Product SizeL 25cm Height. 23cm Length
4. Gear: 3 adjustable level with LED indicator
Level 1:1800 Level 2:2400 Level 3:3200
5. Switch type: Double Switch, Power+Gear
6. Scientific use: 10 minutes smart working time setting
7. Charging type:DC
8. Imput voltage:110-240V
9. Power supply: Chargable lithium battery