Project Description


Foam rollers have been around for years, but foam rollers that vibrate are a relatively new item. Just about anyone can benefit from a vibrating foam roller, regardless of your fitness level.
The device offers a combination of the firm, dense structure of a typical foam roller, combined with a vibrating motor for a combination of massage and vibration therapy.In short, a vibrating foam roller can function as both a regular non-vibrating roller but also has the added capability of generating high vibrations with its built-in vibrator device which can easily be switched on to turn your roller into a deep tissue massage foam roller. Therefore, this extra feature gives you many added benefits your typical foam roller cannot.

Brief Description

Vibrating foam roller Size: 30cmX15cm.
Material:High Density EPP Foam.
Density (kg/m³): 60
Storage Power: 2200mA
Numbers of Gears: 5 Gear
Charge Port: Round Charge Port.
Mobile Power Source: Yes
Net weight:1.4kg.
Color Option:Black & Blue & Red