Project Description


Save money and time if you buy our Pro grade adjustable kettlebell 32kg! Create your own fitness center and workout in the convenience of your home!
And when you begin to build your in-home gym, one piece of equipment that you must include is our adjustable 32 kg kettle bell. This important part of your fitness routine has all the effectiveness of a traditional kettle bell with many added benefits. This 32kg kettle bell will save you money because there will be no need to purchase additional kettle bells. This sleek and compact piece of equipment saves space and is perfect for those who cannot store multiple kettle ebells. Its pro-grade shape and competition style design and handle size provides the ultimate in versatility and movement. These easy to use devices are adjustable from 8kg to 32kg.
7 inner weight plates for adjusting to your ideal weight. Sizes: 2,2,2,4,4,8,8 kgs
The weight of the kettle bell can be adjusted from 8 to 32 kg at 1kg increments.
Please note that you can use any of the above weight plate combinations to create the desired increments between 8kg to 32kg.

Brief Description