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Urethane Dumbbells Weight Set feature solid steel heads with a durable, shock-absorbent urethane plating, fully over-molded to the center.
Our Urethane Dumbbells have been designed to make it easy for users to select the correct weight for their training needs thanks to the colour-coded end plates. Made from high-quality urethane, these dumbbells have single-piece heads with precision machined bores.This dumbbell is probably one of the best on the market, so it’s essential that it’s kept in top condition. When cared for properly it will serve your facility well for years to come.

Which solid steel dumbbells offer the most durable urethane coatings?
do you know the difference between rubber and urethane and what makes urethane the superior dumbbell coating?

Rubber has certain disadvantages that are not present in urethane. Rubber is vulnerable to abrasion and ultra-violet light, which can cause it to prematurely crack and eventually peel. Depending on the quality and materials used, rubber can also carry an odor that is exacerbated when confined to small areas.

Urethane dumbbells have a steel core coated in urethane, or a steel core where just the ends are coated in urethane. The weights are maintenance free and won’t damage floors if dropped. Most are manufactured to have flat sides so they don’t roll.
Urethane is highly durable, impact resistant and shock absorbing. In addition, urethane has a higher tear strength than rubber, so urethane dumbbells will generally come with a longer warranty period compared to rubber ones. Urethane does not have an odor — like rubber, and has a non-tacky, smooth feel. Urethane is a man-made compound.
Urethane is immune to all such vulnerabilities and where impact resistance and longevity is concerned, it is superior.

Brief Description

Urethane Dumbbells Weight Set: 2kg,4kg,6kg,8kg,10kg,12kg,14kg,16kg,18kg,20kg,22kg,24kg,26kg,28kg,30kg,32kg,34kg,36kg,38kg,40kg,42kg,44kg,46kg,48g,50kg.
Feel the difference with safe & more robust urethane-cased dumbbells; perfect for the most extreme workouts