Project Description


Cerakote is a unique polymer-ceramic composite coating—able to deliver wear and corrosion resistance up to 100X that of standard black zinc. Cerakote Barbells may look cool, but the corrosion resistance provided by the Cerakote coating is actually a very effective innovation in barbells. FitMus Sport Provide you the most affordable cerakote barbell

Our new men’s Cerakote Olympic Bars offer another way to take your gym to the next level. Extremely scratch resistant and durable, the cerakote finish makes these bars 70% more corrosion-resistant than Zinc!

Cerakote Barbell Colors

What custom cerakote colors are available?

a:This option shows a colored shaft, with black Cerakote sleeves.

b:The second option is a colored shaft with hard chrome sleeves.

Harden Chrome has excellent durability to wear and abrasion, and the sleeves see a lot of wear and tear – as you can imagine.

Hard Chrome sleeves will be more durable than Cerakote sleeves. But, they don’t look as nice.

Brief Description

Weight: 15kg/33lb
Length: 6′ 6″
Sleeves: 12 1/2″ loadable length, 2″ diameter
Shaft: 25mm diameter
Steel Tensile Strength: 190,000 PSI
Knurl Marks: Olympic & Power
Finish: Hard chrome sleeve, cerakote shaft
Center Knurling: No
Bushing/Bearing: Needle Bearing.
Sleeve: Harden Chrome
Bar: Choose from 3 colors -Blue, Pink, Green