Project Description


Hi-Temp Crumb Bumper Plate is used for high schools, military outposts and home gyms all over the world
Hi-Temp rubber weights are proven performers in the toughest environments from heat, cold. Hi-temp Bumper Plate Used in the fittest games on earth. Quieter and safer to floors than steel plates. 10 and 15 Lb plates are the same 17.5″ diameter as the heavier plates.

Fitmus Hi-temp bumper plate Made form durable Recycled Rubber Great for Olympic Lifting hardness SHA (65-75) The bumper plates have a 2″ stainless steel insert All Weights are 17.5″ in Diameter. Weights are available in :10lb,15lb,25lb,35lb,45lb,55lb and 5kg,10kg,15kg,20kg,25kg. Sold as piece The Hi-Temp plates are made to handle the everyday abuse of Traditional, Home or College gyms.

Brief Description

Hi-Temp Crumb Bumper Plate
Weights:5KG/10KG/15KG/20KG/25KG OR
Shatter-resistance time: 10,000 times-30,000times