Project Description


The most commonly used foot massage balance ball is the foot massage ball.The shape of the ball is such that not only can you massage the underside of your foot, but also the sides. For people whose jobs involve standing for long lengths of time, this is a very good option because the massage can be done even while watching TV or doing something else.

There are no specific sizes for the massage balls and new designs are always available. For example, the half ball for the foot is a new option, and you also get wooden ones that have rubberized inserts inside to cushion your foot, while still providing enough firmness so that your foot gets massaged.
Support 300KG weight Additionally improves balance and flexibility
Textured massage foot surface improves grip Product: Massage cushion

Balance cushions & pads are an ideal solution for improving balance and stability by gently exercising the lower extremities. Their portable, easy to use design and durable construction makes them an ideal solution for home or clinical use.

A variety of shapes, sizes and densities deliver maximum comfort and effectiveness
A gentle and thorough workout for the lower extremities that increases balance and stability while improving posture
Perfect fit for home or clinical use due to their portable, lightweight, and durable design

Brief Description

Material: PVC
Diameter: 13″
Weight: 800g-1000g, Please inform our staff if need pump