Project Description


NEW 3-In-1 Foam Roller.Muscle Massage Pro Foam Roller Incredible tool for pain relief, prehab, and rehab work.
This foam roller is a virtual “swiss army knife” for muscle massage and physical therapy.
First, the outer-most roller is a smooth, high-density foam roller that works well in gently massaging a muscle.
This is the equivalent of “broad pressure” in massage therapy.
Within that is a foam roller with a much more aggressive tread pattern,
ideal for trigger points or key areas of the body that require specific, direct pressure.
Within that is a massage stick, with allows you to focus on specific areas of the body
that are inconvenient or difficult to reach with just a foam roller.
There is no other tool on the market that can help you improve recovery and assist with natural pain relief like a foam roller.

2 MUSCLE FOAM ROLLERS IN 1: Two High Density Foam Rollers Plus Muscle Stick Roller
HIGH-DENSITY HIGH QUALITY: Does Not Lose Shape Or Structure Like Other Foam Rollers
EXERCISE FOAM ROLLER: Use Before Or After Workouts, Yoga Foam Roller.
PORTABLE&CONVENIENT: Three Muscle-Relaxing Tools Fit Inside
Each Other For Compact Storage.

Brief Description

3-in-1 design is portable and versatile
Dimensions Outer Roller: 18″ (L) x 5.75″ DIameter
Inner Roller: 18″ (L) x 4″ DIameter
Massage Stick: 18″ (L) x 1.5″ DIameter