The Yoke walk is the ultimate test of limit strength, strength endurance, core stability and explosive power. To add icing on the cake, the yoke will simultaneously work virtually every muscle in the body.
The yoke implement also referred to as a “super yoke” is a frame with two upright posts connected by a thick bar that sits across your shoulders. Weight generally can be added to posts to increase the weight of the implement.
The yoke walk can be a standalone event or part of a medley. Most contests require a contestant to go 25-100 feet, some more, some less.
The Yoke is heavy—most competitors could not come close to squatting the weight used in a yoke carry. Strongman contests can have yokes that range from 400 pounds to well over 1,000 pounds for a seasoned professional.
You will grow, plain and simple. Remember, big compound movements that use the largest amount of muscle cause the greatest muscle gains and fat loss; the yoke epitomizes this type of movement. Furthermore, heavy yoke training will make heavy squats lighter, increase core strength and stability and add an exciting, new element to your training routine. Time to get yolked with the yoke!