Squat racks and squat stands for Olympic lifting and CrossFit. If you’re looking for the best squat rack for lifting heavy weights or doing CrossFit,
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Portable Squat Stands and Modular Weight Training Racks-Portable squat stands and modular weight training racks are strength training equipment tools regarded for their space saving and customizable features. Portable squat stands, or mobile squat stands, have become commonplace in garage gyms and Crossfit boxes over the past several years. Modular weight training racks such as wall-mounted gym rigs, free-standing training rigs and continuum rigs, can be customized to fit the layout of any training facility by ordering a specified number of upright posts and connector beams. The modular weightlifting rack is ideal for Crossfit boxes, cross-training facilities and schools.

Adjustable Squat Stands – Adjustable squat stands are available in both residential and commercial quality options. They are an affordable and space saving alternative compared to a full size squat rack or power cage,FITMUS features squat stands that are both connected and independent, both having telescoping uprights for holding an Olympic bar at different heights. Common features seen on squat stands are safety bars, weight plate storage and sometimes dipping handles. Mobile squat stands are great for squatting but if combined with an adjustable weight bench, the number of strength training exercises that can be performed greatly increases.