Project Description


weight vests 10KG allow you to add more weight as strength improves for greater workout intensity. With their high versatility, weight vests allow for a broad range of exercises, such as walking, jogging, rope-jumping, bike riding, core strengthening, and weight training.

Brief Description

The double strap system securely fastens the vest to your body not like other vests which becomes loose during your workout. With its efficient and super comfortable design our Weight Vest is the most superior Weight Vest on the market.

Weight Vest includes fully adjustable weight blocks. It is great for cardiovascular exercise with the option of adding additional weights.
0.5kg.1.0kg individual weight blocks available in 15kg and 30kg.
One size fits all
Colour: black
10kg or 5kg total
Front and back weight distribution
Made from heavy duty reinforced nylon
Adjustable velcro straps
Heavy duty, durable design