Project Description


Push up bars  is the staple exercise for any fitness regular. Push-up bars are essential if you are doing regular push ups because they protect your wrists from getting severely injured. When you are doing push-ups your wrists go into hyper tension, but when you use a push-up bar your forearms are used to stabilize your weight- making the workout more effective as well.

Push Up Bars

  • Sculpt and strengthen abs, pecs, triceps and upper arms
  • Versatile design accommodates front, close and wide grips.
  • Also accommodates reverse dips
  • Handles are all foam covered for comfort and a secure grip
  • The feet have capped ends to protect floors from scrapes

Brief Description

Push up bars Material: Steel, foam, plastic
Size:26X14cm. Net Weight:350g/Pair


  • Helps you target your chest, shoulders and back muscles
  • Minimizes hand, wrist and elbow stress
  • Heavy-duty steel material with foam-covered hand grips and plastic end caps
  • Sure-grip, nonslip feet for safety
  • Lightweight for easy transport