Project Description


The fitmus training sled is designed to add tailored resistance to your workouts which will your performance in your chosen sport.
The Fitmus Training Sled can also help to increase overall speed as your body becomes accustomed to pulling a heavier weight. When back to competitions, should that be football, basketball or MMA, your body will produce the same power as if it is pulling this heavier weight, making your game play faster, better, stronger.
Fitmus training sled has Sturdy centre pole for keeping weight secures: adjustable for 1” & 2” weight plates
Maximum weight capacity of 100lbs. Main tube size:Φ50*50*2mm;Φ48*48*2mm.
Dual leads stabilize sled during runs.
its price did not include harness

Brief Description

Dimensions: 99*62*26cm Gross Weight :15kg