5.11 TACTEC PLATE CARRIER VEST is made from an ultra-durable, water-resistant 500D nylon by Rogue Fitness, the 5.11 TacTec™ Plate Carrier Vest is uniquely designed to give the wearer an increased range of motion with a lightweight feel and optimal breathability, the 5.11 Tactical Weight Vest can hold medium and large ballistic plates—front and back—without the restrictive bulkiness. Yoke shoulder pads reduce friction, adjustable tensional bands improve stability, and innovative air flow channels and aerospace mesh ensure sustained comfort.

5.11 Tactec Plate Carrier Vest is designed to simulate the feel of a tactical vest, using flat plates, shoulder pads, and airflow channels to give you ultimate maneuverability and breathability. These aspects make the 5.11 excellent for all types of bodyweight and cardio exercises, as it’s designed to feel less like a weight and more like an extension of you.

What’s Benefits of The 5.11 Weighted Vest?

1 – Feels like an extension of your body

This is the biggest advantage that the 5.11 vest has over competitors. The 5.11 vest is held closer to your body than other vests and the weight is displaced much more evenly.Because the weight comes in the form of thick, flat metal plates (or curved cast iron) as opposed to rectangle pill shaped weights, the vest is not bulky and allows you to perform any movement more efficiently. If you’re doing pushups with a bulky vest you may not even be able to bend your arm 90 degrees before the weights hit the floor, completely eliminating the effectiveness of the movement. The 5.11 vest is flat on your body allowing you to touch chest to floor on each rep

Most people use weighted vests specifically for bodyweight movements, but the added benefit of the 5.11 vest is that you can also wear it while performing olympic lifting movements such as cleans, thrusters, and snatches. Crossfitters, imagine doing FRAN with a 20 pound vest on… With other vests non-bodyweight movements would be quite difficult since the weights are bulky and move around too much.

2 – Comfortability
Unlike most weighted vests that tear up your shoulders due to chaffing the 5.11 vest actually has padded shoulder straps making it feel a lot more comfortable.Instead of one small strap torso strap holding the vest in place the 5.11 vest actually has a wide 3 strap velcro connector that connects under the top of the vest, giving you a very secure and firm fit.

3 – Coolness
Yeah we like functionality, but we also like looks. The 5.11 weighted vest simply just looks cooler than any other vest available on the market, without a doubt.Another unique feature of the 5.11 vests is the ability to add on patches to personally customize your own.

4 – Durability
Durability features of the 5.11 TACTEC PLATE CARRIER:

Abrasion resistant 500D nylon
Water-resistant coating
Durable hardware

IN SUMMARY: The 5.11 weighted vest is the gold standard when it comes to weighted vests. It may be more expensive than other options but the benefits outweigh the cost.