What is a Vibrating Foam Roller?

In short, a vibrating foam roller can function as both a regular non-vibrating roller but also has the added capability of generating high vibrations with its built-in vibrator device which can easily be switched on to turn your roller into a deep tissue massage foam roller. Therefore, this extra feature gives you many added benefits your typical foam roller cannot.

The vibrating foam roller is twice as fast and effective as your standard foam roller!

Even if these rollers are more expensive than your standard roller, they are nonetheless still very affordable and well worth the extra investment.

Vibrating foam rollers will give you that extra deep tissue massage a regular foam roller will not. As a result, these extra vibrations can also shorten your massage time if you are in a hurry since it can perform the same work
in have the time.

Furthermore, another added benefit is that you can position the roller underneath you on the floor or behind you in a chair and target a specific muscle region without having to roll the foam roller or move your body. In short, just relax and enjoy the soothing deep tissue massage this deep tissue foam roller can provide you.

What are the Benefits of a Vibrating Foam Roller?

The vibrating roller is like your personal massage therapist. You can choose between high, medium, and low-intensity settings to apply just the right amount of intensity and pressure to your muscles where needed.

You can see the vibrating foam roller as your very own personal massage therapist. Only much cheaper!

The vibration of the roller aids in muscle recovery time, helps with mobility and flexibility and in relieving muscle pain and joint pain. That said, vibrating rollers are great to use before or after weight training, cardio exercise, marathons, running, swimming, and CrossFit.

Additionally, they also help for those long days sitting at the job or long drives in a car for lower back pain relief.

Closing Remarks

Whether you’re looking into vibrating foam rollers for the first time or looking to upgrade your current standard fitness roller, owning one of these massage rollers is well worth the investment. Vibrating rollers can do twice the work in half the time and can be used in areas standard rollers cannot.

Everyone at some time or another has suffered from muscle, joint or back pain. Long hours sitting at a desk or in a car can lead to lower back pain, and stress can leave your shoulders and back tens and knotted up.

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can also benefit tremendously by using vibrating foam rollers both pre-workout and post-workout. These benefits include loosening muscles and increasing circulation for better performance, but also to prevent post-workout soreness or even injuries.

In a survey with 685 sports and orthopedic physical therapy professionals, results showed high percentage marks when it comes to the benefits of roller massage.

With multiple vibrating speeds, these deep tissue massage foam rollers can reach areas much more effectively than your standard fitness roller. Use slow speeds to treat muscle soreness or chronic pain, or adjust the vibration speed deep-tissue therapy.

Consider your vibrating foam roller to be your personal massage therapist.