Jared Leto is 47 years old, Hugh Jackman 51 and Arnold Schwarzenegger 72, but they all have something in common, they are still fit , they look much younger than they are and they don’t have that dad’s body ”that comes when you’re too busy Like to go to the gym every day.

His secret is not the fountain of youth or a pact with the devil (or at least we don’t know), Schwarzenegger has said on several occasions that he has never stopped training and, if you start to see the social networks and habits of the Other men who defy the laws of nature, you can realize that their secret to look like this is that they managed to keep fit throughout their lives.

Some men can continue doing everything they want when they grow old , but others can barely move at 40 and have more pain and problems than someone who doubles their age, but, that is not the fault of nature, it is the fault of what what they did, or rather what they stopped doing, during their youth. Sylvester Stallone , for example, is not technically a grandfather, but he is much older than the average action hero and you buy him the idea that he can remain one of them (you just have to see him in the sequel to Rambo).

How do they do it? Being fit is a journey that never ends, once you start you can not stop otherwise you would lose everything you achieved up to that point, but, it is a “job” that has many benefits, mainly, you will look and feel good for the rest of your life.

There are currently many ways to get in shape, there are miraculous diets, exercise trends that burn calories as if there were no tomorrow and classes, techniques, routines and methods that fit different lifestyles, but, to really keep you fit For a longer time, there are a few things you should be doing in your daily routine, starting because exercise should be fun, and not feel like a task or a punishment.

If what you want is that being fit and being fit is always part of your life, there are 5 keys that you should keep in mind.

Stop obsessing with how you look
We live in a very visual world and, generally, we associate being fit with huge muscles and a super defined six pack, but that is not necessarily the case, not all bodies are designed to have the same size of muscles, in addition, we must Keep in mind that to achieve that it takes a lot of time, dedication and sacrifices, obsessing you with that goal will only leave you frustrated and can make you end up demotivated and abandoning everything.

Train for your performance, not to see you better
The first objective of training should be to feel better and have a better quality of life, by putting too much importance on the appearance, training becomes tedious, ironically, that affects your results.

Any activity is good.
The rule is simple, you must make sure you do something every day, this helps you stay active even on the days when you feel tired or do not have time to go to the gym. Science says that you can be healthier, stronger and get in shape by following any plan regularly, the recommendation is that you do about 150 minutes a week of moderate intensity aerobic activity.

Train, do not exercise
When you train you have a goal, and that helps you stay motivated, training makes you think about the future, have a plan and stick to it until you get what you want. What you should do is set a new goal every time you reach the previous one.

Variety is important
Your muscles need to recover and rest, this does not mean that you have to stop your training, simply that you must have a varied routine with which you can work different parts of the body without exhausting yourself, in addition, this will help you not to get bored of always doing what same.

Listen to your body
You should not force things, your body knows what it needs, so you should listen to it, so you can know if you need a break, work harder or if you have an injury. Continuing to train when you are injured only makes things worse and can make you stay out of the gym for months.