Project Description


Steel Swedish Bars is very suit for gym,commercial,home use. wall mounted crossfit rig can together with many different fitness and sports products.Like resistance band,TRX,olympic bar,push up ,bench and others.Gladiator Stall Bar Metal Stall Bars CrossFit

Fitmus Sport Steel Swedish Bars have 2 stringers made of steel 60*3mm. Bars 15 pieces are round and made of steel 32*2mm.  Mounting holes are drilled for stud wall installation. Custom holes can also be drilled at the customer’s request.  The rungs are all bolted in place. Other spacing between rungs on your request. The metal Stall Bar can be provided with Customer’s welded loops on each lateral side (more loops on request). The loops are used to hang different accessories. Can be used outside. Upon request, the metal Swedish ladder could be manufactured so as to be provided with 3 rectangular pipes to enable fastening it to the wall.

Brief Description

Steel Swedish Bars
Made in China