Project Description


The Best Ski Fitness Exercises Ready for Your Ski Fitness. The Skierg is still a classic in any home due to its effectiveness and smooth, natural motion that simulates a cross-country skiing workout.


This machine is covered by a 2-year warranty on the frame and a 2-year warranty on moving parts and monitor.

Tips of How Skierg Works.

Standing in front of the machine, grasp the handles firmly. Raise yourself up to your tiptoes so you reach your highest height, holding your arms and the handles up in the air. In one fluid motion, pull the handles down and continue into a squat, finishing with your arms and the handles fully extended down and slightly behind you (similar to doing tricep kickbacks).

Stand up, raise yourself back up to your tiptoes and repeat. Once you have the hang of it, you can try different variations with staggered legs, facing outwards, or even sitting down.

Brief Description

Key features include that it can be wall mounted or free standing with a floor stand (the stand is sold separately)

Mounted on Floor Stand: 61X132X216cm
Machine Weight Skiing Machine: (20.9 kg)  Floor stand: (16 kg)
Shipping Weight/Size: Skiing Machine: 28kg (54 cm x 49 cm x 125 cm)
Floor stand: 18kg(13 cm x 66 cm x 135 cm)

Overall,the Skierg is a nice choice for anyone looking for a different exercise experience. Whether you’re trying to shake up your exercise routine a little or are training off-season for cross-country skiing, It is a great option