Project Description


Our PRO grade Kettlebells are uniform in size and shape, so whether you buy a 4Kg PRO Grade Kettlebell or 32Kg PRO Grade Kettlebell they will have exactly the same feel when your using them.
Why a Stainless Steel Handle? If you have seen these in any gym over time (within weeks) the handles go a horrible brown colour from the steel going rusty. This cannot happen with these and your kettlebells will stay looking as awesome as the day you purchased them.
PRO Grade Kettlebells Available in 4Kg-36Kg in 2Kg increments.
These Kettlebells are Commercial quality used in various indoor gyms and homes

Pro Grade Kettlebell-Stainless Handle
– 100% Steel Construction & Color-Coded for Easy Identification
– Stainless Steel Handle, Rust-Proof
– Sandblasted Handles, smooth, comfortable and anti -slippery
– Smoothy Surface and Flat bottom
– Strong Paint Coating, Tough and Smooth Surface
– No noise troubling. Some kettlebells have noisy problems after using,
which is coming from inside of the bell part. But our kettlebells don’t have this issue.
– body Cast in a Single Steel Mould for Consistent Size and Shape
– Weight available range: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 28, 32, 36KG

Brief Description

Pro grade kettlebell stainless steel handle
Weight: 4KG,6KG,8KG,10KG,12KG,16KG,20KG,24KG,28KG,32KG,36KG,40KG,44KG,48KG MAX.