Project Description


Medical ball bounce bed | Medicine ball rebounders (sometimes called medicine ball trampolines) are extremely versatile, especially when working out alone! Adjust the rebounder angle for different exercises. When flat, a rebounder doubles as an exercise trampoline for jogging and other exercises! A rebounder looks like a mini trampoline; some rebounders, in fact, are used for bouncing exercises. The most notable difference between a rebounder and a trampoline is that the rebounder may be raised or lowered on one side, creating an angle from the floor. Rebounders work in conjunction with the plyometric ability of muscles, which means the muscles can stretch quickly and immediately contract. These features of the rebounder are essential to medicine ball training using upper body, core and balance exercises.If you’re bored with your monotonous exercise routine, spice it up by throwing a medicine ball on a trampoline or rebounder and catching it when it bounces back. Although this might sound and look deceptively easy, this upper-body plyometric drill, which is often used during sports conditioning, will have you huffing and puffing in no time. In addition to making you feel like a child on the playground, throw-and-catch exercises can strengthen your bones and muscles and help prevent injuries.

Brief Description

Diameter: 36inch

Oval tube: 40*80