Project Description


a range of Customerized Rigs are our strongest yet coming jam-packed with more attachments and features than ever before. With the ability to customise any aspect you require (i.e. size, colours, setup) our rigs are 100% modular for a truly personal feel. Measuring 75mm x 75mm x 3mm, structural durability is ensured; so much so, we’re proud to offer lifetime warranty.

Brief Description

This concept consists of:

  • 4 x 2510 Upright
  • 4 x 3910 Upright
  • 2 x 1570 Chin-up bar
  • 4 x 1070 Chin-up bar
  • 2 x 1570 Brace
  • 2 x 1070 Brace
  • 2 x Salmon ladder
  • All nuts and bolts

Dimensions: W4010 x D1720 x H2510/3910mm Approx
*Other equipment is not included