Project Description


Bumper Plate Rack with Transport Wheels allows easy storage for your bumper plates in a home or commercial setting, and can be easily moved by a dual wheel/handle transport system, the collection is heavy, weighing slots hve up to 16 slots, the width of the slit comparment is narrowed from wide to narrow,besides, there are handles to keep the wegiht plates, easy to move.

Our 16-Piece Bumper Plate Holder (also known as a Bumper Plate Holder – 10-Piece with Handle and Wheels) is an invaluable space saver for all facilities, whether a CrossFit box, other functional fitness facilities or even a home gym. Typically used for use on a per Olympic Weightlifting platform basis, these racks conveniently hold a complete set of bumper plates and fractional weight plates for the athlete. It is just as useful for general bumper plate storage in and around any facility.

Brief Description

Bumper Plate Rack with Transport Wheels will hold 16 plates – 2 x 25kg plates, 2 x 20kg plates, 2 x 15kg plates, 2 x 10kg plates, 2 x 5kg plates, and six fractional weight plates (e.g. 2 x 2.5kg, 2 x 1kg and 2 x 0.5kg). Additionally, it features a handle at the front and wheels at the back of the rack for easy and convenient movability, making it very versatile and useful when plates are required in different areas of your facility.
Constructed of high-quality 3mm steel, painted with a durable black paint, the design of our 16-Piece Bumper Plate Holder allows for easy and safe placement and removal of Olympic Bumper plates, also ensuring they are securely stored.
It measures 1530mm across (including the handle and wheels, 1200mm just the rack) by 320mm wide.