Project Description


REFINED  DESIGN-The Abram GHD 2.0/Glute Ham Developer 2.0 introduces a bolt-together, triangular base design and front handle assembly. The ankle roller pads are horizontally adjustable and the vertical position is in the ideal angle for peak muscle recruitment, benefiting any athlete who is training core power and strength.

SWING-ARM ADJUSTMENTS- enable the user to quickly adjust the roller assembly to his or her desired setting, with 10 lock-in positions to choose from.

Quanlity Construction– Max Stability – Use 50×70×3mm steel tube, laser cut steel footplate, heavy duty, moisture-wicking pad.The single piece chassis construction is good use when under intense use. combined with our triangular-base design and the inclusion of protective rubber feet, produce a consistent level of performance and stability.

Unique Portability– it is both easy to set up and easy to move, all required hardware is included with the package, a special design that features a set of wheels and handles. it is perfect for any garage gym or training facility where space is at a premium, adjust it , use it ,move it, make it work for you.

The package ships disassembled (all hardware included).

Brief Description

Abram GHD 2.0/Glute Ham Developer 2.0 Size: L 70″×45 1/2″×41″
Wheels and handles for easy mobility
10 slots for adjusting distance between hip and foot pads
Foam Roller Foot Pad
Laser cut steel foot plate