Project Description


30’Crossfit Monkey Bar Rig Jungle Rig has been developed to maximized the use for gym and fitness center, squat ,bench press, pull-up, military press, dips, as well as gym rings to a variety of exercise using the super resistance band, the most innovative fitness equipment is used to enable multi-purpose development.
it can be combined with another rack height using a screw connection, J cups rings and spotting arms may be used hang the tube.
Free Standing Pull up Bar Customer Crossfit Rig attach the spotting arms, J cups are the user to fit exercise you want there. this space saving aspects of movements that many people can involved such as group class training.

it suits Jump,Speed,Agility as well as kettlebell that require endurance and stability exercise for each gym or fitness center. such as battle training rope through multi functional training fitness rig for rehab of the user will provide optimal space utlization to enable any desired movement

We are a dedicated team of fitness enthusiasts,backed by years of knowledge,research and experience. we figure that life is complicated enough, so we keep business straightforward. No tricks, no gimmicks, just supply you solid training fitness equipment. we offers commercial grade free weights, storage systems & functional accessories and a range of quality strength and conditioning products for functional training, weight lifting and CrossFit®., basically our product lines aim to creating a perfect solution for your gym accessory requirements, as well as fully packed functional kit for your station.

Brief Description

30’Crossfit Monkey Bar Rig Jungle Rig
Overall size:9100*1100*3600mm
What it include:
4×3.6m Upright Bar ( 75×75×3mm)
8×2.7m Upright Bar (75×75×3mm)
4×1.1m Rig three pull up bar
4×1.8m Dirty South Bar
6×1.1m single cross beam
2×Flying Pull Up Ladder
4×1.2m Boxing Sandbag Support
2×Wall Ball Target
10×J hooks
4×Spotter Arm
1×Jump Step
1×Dip Handle
39×Monkey Bar Rod
1×Landmin Sleeve
Made in China