CrossFit is a constantly varied, functional fitness program. CrossFit workouts are also known for intensity. By incorporating functional movements with high intensity, athletes who are willing to push themselves and work hard get results. Unlike other weightlifting programs that target specific muscle groups, CrossFit programming includes functional movements that mimic what you do in sports, like martial arts, as well as everyday life.

CrossFit can improve your martial arts training by targeting improvements in your strength, power, and endurance. At the same time, CrossFit has the potential to address any existing muscle imbalances you have.

No muscle group is neglected in CrossFit. You will develop full-body strength through barbell movements like squats and deadlifts. Some workouts you’ll use heavy weight with low reps, and other workouts you’ll use lighter weight (or bodyweight) and do more reps. Both types of workouts will help you develop strength.

CrossFit includes Olympic lifts like the snatch, clean, and jerk. These movements require a lot of power to perform, and this development in power can translate to martial arts. At the same time, explosive movements like the box jump accomplish a similar goal and make you a more powerful and explosive athlete.

In CrossFit, you won’t typically find yourself running a 5k (though it does happen). However, it’s not uncommon for some workouts to last 15, 20, or even 30 minutes. The intervals that you’re completing during these workouts builds your aerobic engine and improves your endurance.

When you start doing CrossFit regularly, you will learn about your strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes these weaknesses show up on one side of your body. For example, if you do a workout with pistol squats (one-legged squats), you may discover that your right side is much stronger than your left. You become more aware of imbalances like this, and you have the opportunity to correct them by building up the weaker side.