Dear Fitness Fam,

We are continuing to monitor the protocols towards the COVID-19 pandemic closely and are taking careful precautions to keep our customers and employees safe.

If you choose to visit gym or crossfit box, Please adopt the following safety precautions:
✅ Thoroughly washing hands before and after touching equipment.
✅ Keeping cleaning supplies such as hand soap, hand sanitizer and disinfectants on hand.
✅ Wiping down equipment before and after use.
✅ Keeping a distance between staff and customers while refraining from physical contact.

As gyms and public exercise facilities temporarily close their doors and many people are staying home, we encourage you to workout at home using home fitness equipment.

Thank you for your support and we’re sending you our best wishes for your health and safety 💙💛

Fitmus Sport Team

What you should know about coronavirus,What are the symptoms?
Like other respiratory infections, symptoms of coronavirus can include fever, cough, and difficulty breathing. Here is an in-depth description.

What should you do if you have symptoms?
Patients should call their primary care doctors first. Most people with mild symptoms should probably stay home, but those with more serious ones will likely be seen by the doctor. Difficulty breathing, high fever and a deeper, productive cough can be signs of pneumonia and warrant medical attention.

Who is most at risk?
Older adults and those with chronic ailments have higher risks of death and health complications.

How can I protect myself?
Use measures you’d take to prevent any airborne virus, like washing your hands often, avoiding close contact with other people, and disinfecting surfaces and objects.