Getting results in the gym is not easy, getting on the treadmill once will not burn all the fat in your body overnight and lifting a weight will not give you The Rock’s arms , be healthy and sculpt Your body is not magic and it takes a lot of effort, dedication, sweat and blisters to get where you want, but even doing “everything right” you can be sabotaging your results and your goals.

Especially when it comes to getting results in the gym, it is important to have the opinion of an expert, spending hours training guarantees nothing, the form, the type of training, the intensity and many other factors may be sabotaging your goals and the worst part is that many of those things are so subtle or counter-intuitive that you really do not realize that they are to blame until someone tells you.

Sometimes, you think you are doing everything right, but you don’t see results and you end up feeling worse than before and that is because, in reality you are doing everything wrong and your best efforts are ruined. It is easy to be confused and lost, it happens to all of us, but, staying like this is optional, experts have talked again and again about what we should not do and have a list of things that are the enemy.

These are 10 things that sabotage your results

Jump from diet to diet
Are you keto u day and vegan the other? All you are doing is confusing your body and forcing it to have to constantly adapt to a new regimen, which increases the chances of having intestinal problems. If you are going to go on a diet, you must commit and give your body time to adapt to it and understand what is happening.

Go crazy with workouts
Training with too much intensity can be counterproductive, your body ends up so exhausted that you can’t really take advantage of the training and, without time to recover, you can’t increase your muscles either. A little pain is normal, but, if you can’t move the next day, that’s the sign that you passed. Your chances of injury increase if you don’t take it easy.

Don’t “feed” your workouts
What you eat before a workout is very important, not only will it give you more energy, it can also help your body burn more fat and make better use of its resources. You must eat enough calories to reach your goals, otherwise you can end up dehydrated and exhausted before you can complete your workout.

Run when you should walk
You should not try to lift 500 kilos if you never have one foot in the gym, this is a process, you must go at your pace and increase once you master certain weights or times, otherwise you will end up injured or making a fool of yourself.

Obsess with the number on the scale or with the measurements
Your body weight is not the best indicator of your progress, in fact, the weight can change a lot throughout the day which means you can have a few kilos more or less overnight. Being obsessed with your weight and measurements causes you more stress and that only makes you frustrated and want to throw in the towel.

Waking up too early or sleeping late to train
Sleep is essential to help your body recover after a workout, and build muscle, training should be a priority, but you should not sacrifice necessary hours of sleep just because you think that this way you will reach your goal faster. Experts say that, constantly depriving your body of that dream, you run the risk of getting sick more often and clinging to those extra kilos.

Spend too much on new equipment
Having the best tennis or the most expensive equipment is no guarantee that you will see results, so focus on the things you are really going to need and avoid unnecessary expenses that, in the end, can be a pretext to stop training.

Depend too much on supplements
Supplements can be a great help, but you need more than that to see results. In addition to supplements, you should also eat a healthy diet, hydrate properly, get enough sleep and perform the right training for what you want to achieve.

Skip the warm up and cool down
It doesn’t have much science, not heating or cooling is the best way to injure yourself.

Try to copy others
Training with a friend can help you be motivated, but, you must remember that each person is different and has their own rhythm, trying to match the best in the gym can cause you to get injured or frustrated by not being able to do the same . It is important that you find what you like and what works for you and that you listen to your own body when training, that your BFF can run 20 kilometers before training does not mean that you also have to do it.